Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Java SE 7

It was a long time in the making but all JSRs constituting Java SE 7 have crossed the finish line! The actual Java SE 7 software release is just around the corner (July 28th). Exciting stuff!


  1. Exciting in the sense that there's finally another release of java, but not so much for what's actually in the release on the language level.

    Let's hope Java 8 doesn't take that long and actually ships with the closures and all.

  2. Clearly you're forgetting about the Swing JDatePicker Christophe. What can top that?

  3. Indeed! ;-)
    Seriously, I do think it's quite exciting. Technically the release might be a bit of a let down, but Oracle at least formulated and executed a plan to actually get the release out of the door, and that is quite exciting. Also, how can the first official major Java release in about 5 years not be exiting for a Java adept.